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  • Introducing Inline Drinking Water Filter 'Silver BIO', your ultimate solution for tap water purification. Seamlessly connecting to your existing kitchen cold water tap, it requires no additional sink alterations! Designed for the final purification of tap water, 'Silver BIO' eliminates harmful impurities such as chlorine, heavy metals, pesticides, and more. It also tackles suspended particles, excess hardness salts, and corrects mineral composition. SPECIAL FEATURES AND ADVANTAGES: ANTIBACTERIAL: Our filter is designed to prevent bacterial growth on its surface and within its structure. TESTED AND TRUSTED: Rigorously tested under the most challenging conditions to ensure maximum performance. LONG-LASTING: Thanks to its unique activated carbon with high adsorption, it boasts an extended lifespan. CHLORINE REMOVAL: Proven to effectively remove free chlorine. ODOR, COLOR, AND TASTE REDUCTION: Highly effective in reducing water's odor, color, and taste, as well as volatile organic compounds, chloramines, pesticides, and other chemicals. FOOD-GRADE SAFETY: All components comply with European and US regulations, ensuring total food-grade safety. CERTIFIED: Our raw materials are certified by NSF and FDA, and the product complies with UNE 149101 standard and is CE certified.
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    Pentair PBS 400 Water Filter

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    Say goodbye to the need for an additional tap! Experience the same commercial-grade quality that makes Pentair® Everpure the go-to choice for water filtration in restaurants, now in your own home. Our exclusive precoat filtration technology, combining Micro-Pure® and a unique pleated filter membrane, offers an unrivaled filtering surface area, extended filter life, and consistent performance. The PBS 400 Water Filter delivers crystal-clear, great-tasting water straight from your sink, perfect for cooking. This highly engineered sub-micron design effectively removes unwanted lead, particulates, and chemical impurities. Enjoy fast, convenient water flow with the Pentair Everpure system.
  • Dive into the world of high-class water filtration with our direct flow revert osmosis Silver RO system. This three-stage tap water filtration device stands out with its superior efficiency and compact design. With an intuitive operation panel on the front, it keeps you informed about cartridge replacement needs. Now also available with an L-Vita Set mineralizer function! Key Features: • Sleek, modern design • Cartridge consumption indicator • Top-tier performance in its class • Easy and quick cartridge replacement • Compact size for easy installation • Dual spout for convenience
  • Range of applicationFor residential, industrial, and agricultural areas polluted by a wide range of pollutants. To the AcquaPhi UNIVERSO can hardly hold a candle to any other filter - especially in terms of its simple installation, functionality, and sustainability. The activated carbon filter for drinking water consists of 100% activated carbon from biological coconut shells. Thanks to this property, the water flowing through it regains its original purity and reliably filters out most pollutants. It is therefore perfectly suited for people who attach great importance to natural and pure water and want to make an active contribution to maintaining our environment.

    UNIVERSO is a universal compact water filter with a 0.5-micron microfiltration system and activated carbon block including silver ion technology. Fine filtration 0.5 µm hollow fiber ultrafiltration as the final stage. The sterility (antibacterial effect) is guaranteed by the silver ions. Autonomy of 7,000 liters at 3.5L/min. The compact filter core inside consists of 100% activated carbon from biological coconut shells.

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