Whole House Drinking Water Kit Benefits:
  • Purified, readily available mineral water on tap - makes great-tasting tea, coffee and ice cubes
  • Eco and environmentally friendly - no wasted water - no power needed - no plastic bottles  - reduce recycling trips
  • Saving storage space -  cut down on shopping, no need to stock up on poor quality bottled water {which all contain high levels of chlorine}
  • Fresh, limescale and chemical-free water available to cook - protecting and prolonging coffee machines and kettles
  • Less Scale - Protects and prolongs the life of  all appliances boilers - water heaters - washing machines - dishwashers, showers - taps - kettles - coffee machines
  • Excellent for cleaning - fewer chemicals needed - cuts down cleaning time, softer towels and bedding - streak and spot free cutlery, glasses etc.
  • Luxurious soft chemical free shower water - no-cal deposits on shower screens, showerheads, chrome faucets etc. no skin irritations, no more dull lifeless hair