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    Drinking Water Filters

    No more plastic bottles

    Whole House Filters

    Drink water from any tap

    Water Softeners

    Protect home appliances

    Limescale Inhibitors

    Salt-free limesclae removal

    Purified water running from separate tap from the water filter

    Drinking Water Filters

    Our drinking water filters are installed under the sink and take very little space, making it a brilliant option for small kitchens. All our drinking water filters come equipped with the latest generation of nanotechnology polymer or carbon fibre inside.
    It purifies the water from chlorine, organic compounds, petroleum products, iron, limescale, heavy metals, and even viruses or bacteria, making your water fresh, safe and tasty. At the same time, a water filter eliminates the need for bottled water because it cleans tap water and makes it safe to drink. Therefore, it cuts down on plastic contamination and helps the environment.
    We are an innovative filter supplier in Spain that does offer these advanced filters, with these numerous benefits.

    • Filtering Tap Water Is Cost Effective

    • Water Filtration is Environmental Friendly

    • Water Impurities Are Removed By Filtration

    • Filtered Water Makes Better Coffee and Tea

    • Water Filters Reduces Limescale

    • Filtered Water Tastes And Smells Better

    • Water Filtration Boosts Your Health

    • Water Filters Are Low Maintenance

    • Saves Money from Bottled Water

    • Filtered Water has Anti-Oxidant Properties

    Whole House Filters

    The Whole House Filters are installed on the water entry point of your property to filtrate all the water coming into the house. Our filter kits remove all water contaminations, including chlorine, dirt, metals, organic impurities and reduce limescale, making it drinkable at any tap.
    The Whole House Kits protect your home appliances from limescale and your skin from chlorine in the showers. Laundry will be improved and protected from the smell and colourizing and will become smooth and comfortable to the touch.
    White drops and imperfections will disappear from your utensils and shower with Whole House Filter Kits. Your water heater will work longer and be more effective due to less growth on the element.

    A kid is drinking water straight from the tap because whole house water filters installed
    • Clean filtered water is available from every water source in your home

    • Healthier drinking and cooking water

    • Healthier showers and baths

    • Less scale in showers, tubs, sinks, and pipes

    • Improves laundry quality

    • Filtered water reduces corrosion and improves pH

    • Spotless glasses in dishwasher

    • Skin and hair that are free of contaminants

    • Increasing the lifes­pan of home appliances

    • Eco and environmentally friendly

    Family happy after the shower with soft water because water softener installed

    Water Softeners

    Hard water contains more minerals – specifically too much calcium and magnesium. Mineral deposits will start showing up on not only your faucets and showerhead but also on appliances like your coffee pot or glasses. This buildup is not only unsightly but dramatically shortens the lifespan of appliances and it can cause a foul taste to your water. The higher the temperature of the water, the more calcium and magnesium will solidify and harden into solid deposits inside your water heater. A water softener is a whole-house filtration system that removes hardness-causing calcium and magnesium minerals from your water through a process called ion exchange. Without a water softener, laundry demands extra detergent to prevent it from looking dingy. Bathing in hard water might leaves your skin itchy and dry and your hair lifeless and sticky. A whole house water softener is the solution to the scourge of water hardness.

    • Healthier, Softer Skin

    • Clothes Are Softer and Look Cleaner

    • Soft Water Is Easier on Your Pipes and Appliances

    • Cleaner, Spotless Dishes

    • Improves Efficiency of Water-Using Appliances

    • Shiny, Strong Hair

    • Removes Any Unwanted Tastes from Your Drinking Water

    • Softer Water Will Save You Money

    • Increasing the lifes­pan of home appliances

    • Eco and environmentally friendly

    Limescale Inhibitors

    AQUASONIC limescale inhibitor system works by treating the water with electromagnetic pulses at a low frequency. These impulses transform the insoluble limescale (calcite) into aragonite, soft state form. In this way, the inhibitor eliminates the problems caused by limescale in the water and descales existing calcium deposits at the installations (1 – 2 mm per month). The technology guarantees permanent protection against limescale.
    After 20 years of experience successfully applying our exclusive anti-limescale technology, unique and patented worldwide, AQUASONIC has become the greatest enemy of limescale in all types of installations, both in private homes and industrial installations.
    AQUASONIC is the most powerful anti-limescale system on the market. The treatment effect reaches up to 17 kilometres in water continuity and 280º of hardness, as the wave spreads through the water.

    Salt Free Water Softeners Limescale Inhibitor Descale Filter
    • Easy Installation

    • Guaranteed Protection and Descale

    • Space Saving

    • Does Not Produce Contaminant Waste

    • Energy Efficient

    • Clean Up Your Installation

    • Natural Water Compound

    • Physical Treatment of Limescale

    • Salt Free Softening

    • Eco and environmentally friendly

    Custom solutions for the well water treatment for any kind of property

    Custom Solutions

    Some property has its well and hasn’t municipal water connected. Common contaminants in well water are: Microorganisms or Bacteria in well water, such as coliform bacteria and E. Coli; Nitrate can naturally contaminate water; Heavy metals, including copper, lead, cadmium, arsenic, and chromium; Organic chemicals – substances can include pesticides, pharmaceuticals, paints, dyes, and disinfectants; Iron can come naturally from the ground and contaminate water; Sediment particles such as sand and dirt that naturally occur in well water; Sulfur may detest the smell of sulfur, which can have a rotten egg odour. Before offering a well water filtration system, a water test is obligatory to identify contaminants. Our laboratory provides chemical water analysis for up to 50 water parameters, permitting us to offer a custom solution for your needs.

    • Chlorine Water Disinfection

    • UV Light Water Treatment

    • Iron Removal

    • Rotten Egg Sell Removal

    • Industrial Grade Reverse Osmosis

    • Chemical Water Analysis

    • Complex Well Water Treatment

    • Filtering Water from Agricultural Products

    • Rain Water Treatment

    • Eco and environmentally friendly

    Water Leak Detectors

    SMART leak detection system monitors your entire water delivery system for whole-house protection. These systems are usually installed in-line, in areas close to your mains. The SMART water guard automatically shuts off the water supply in even a minor escape of water or water leak. It has wireless water leak sensors, a backup battery and Wi-Fi.
    The water guard system will protect your property as well as your neighbors. It makes no difference whether a pipe leaks, a hose breaks, or your washing machine breaks down.
    The valves sensors are small, and wireless and are placed on the floor or in spots where they can make contact with leaking water. As soon as this happens, a sensor sends a signal to the valve and automatically shuts off the water supply. You can monitor valve status on your mobile device via Wi-Fi or SMS messaging.

    • Secure power supply solution on the market

    • Integrated backup battery

    • Super-low energy consumption

    • The best solution for your smart house

    • Automatic shuts off the water supply

    • Water leak protection system

    • Remotely controlled Wi-Fi, SMS or RC

    • Valve status info provided remotely

    • Suitable for seasonal apartments

    • Certified for drinking water

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