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    Drinking Water Filters

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    Limescale Inhibitors

    Salt-free limesclae removal

    drinking water filter undersink

    Drinking Water Filters

    Quench your thirst with the purest water, right from your tap! Our under-sink drinking water filters are compact powerhouses, perfect for even the smallest kitchens. Packed with the latest technology polymers and carbon fibres, they effectively eliminate chlorine, organic compounds, petroleum products, iron, limescale, heavy metals, and even viruses or bacteria.
    Experience the freshness of mountain spring water, right in your home. Our filters transform your tap water into a safe, tasty, and refreshing drink. Say goodbye to the hassle and environmental impact of bottled water.
    Join us in our mission to provide clean, safe drinking water while reducing plastic pollution. As a leading filter supplier in Spain, we’re proud to offer these advanced, eco-friendly solutions. Taste the difference today!

    • Filtering Tap Water Is Cost Effective

    • Water Filtration is Environmental Friendly

    • Water Impurities Are Removed By Filtration

    • Filtered Water Makes Better Coffee and Tea

    • Water Filters Reduces Limescale

    • Filtered Water Tastes And Smells Better

    • Water Filtration Boosts Your Health

    • Water Filters Are Low Maintenance

    • Saves Money from Bottled Water

    • Filtered Water has Anti-Oxidant Properties

    Whole House Filters

    Say goodbye to impurities and hello to fresh, clean water straight from any tap in your home. Our Whole House Filter Kits are designed to be installed at the water entry point of your property, ensuring every drop of water that enters your home is free from contaminants like chlorine, dirt, metals, and organic impurities.
    But it’s not just about drinkable water. Our kits also protect your home appliances from limescale, enhance your shower experience by eliminating chlorine, and improve your laundry by preventing odour and discolouration.
    With our Whole House Filter Kits, you’ll notice a difference everywhere – from spotless utensils to a more efficient water heater. Experience the comfort of truly clean water throughout your home.

    whole house water filter
    • Clean filtered water is available from every water source in your home

    • Healthier drinking and cooking water

    • Healthier showers and baths

    • Less scale in showers, tubs, sinks, and pipes

    • Improves laundry quality

    • Filtered water reduces corrosion and improves pH

    • Spotless glasses in dishwasher

    • Skin and hair that are free of contaminants

    • Increasing the lifes­pan of home appliances

    • Eco and environmentally friendly

    water softener

    Water Softeners

    Hard water, laden with excess calcium and magnesium, can wreak havoc on your home. Mineral deposits begin to appear on your faucets, showerhead, and even on your appliances, from your coffee pot to your glasses. This unsightly buildup not only tarnishes the appearance of your appliances but also dramatically reduces their lifespan and can taint the taste of your water.
    As the water temperature rises, the calcium and magnesium harden into solid deposits inside your water heater. Enter our water softener – a comprehensive filtration system that eradicates these hardness-causing minerals from your water through a process known as ion exchange.
    Without our water softener, your laundry requires extra detergent to avoid looking dull. Bathing in hard water can leave your skin feeling itchy and dry, and your hair lifeless and sticky. Our whole house water softener is the ultimate weapon against the menace of hard water. Experience the difference today.

    • Healthier, Softer Skin

    • Clothes Are Softer and Look Cleaner

    • Soft Water Is Easier on Your Pipes and Appliances

    • Cleaner, Spotless Dishes

    • Improves Efficiency of Water-Using Appliances

    • Shiny, Strong Hair

    • Removes Any Unwanted Tastes from Your Drinking Water

    • Softer Water Will Save You Money

    • Increasing the lifes­pan of home appliances

    • Eco and environmentally friendly

    Salt Free Softeners

    Water is vital for our daily activities, but hard water can cause issues like limescale buildup and dry skin. Salt-free water softeners offer a solution, transforming hard minerals into harmless crystals, preventing limescale without adding sodium to your water. They are eco-friendly, require no maintenance, and extend the lifespan of your appliances and plumbing. They also improve the quality of your water, benefiting your health.
    AQUASONIC and IPS are examples of this technology. AQUASONIC uses electromagnetic pulses to treat water, providing permanent limescale protection. IPS prevents solid sediments and corrosion in water appliances by changing the structure of the minerals. Both systems are affordable and come in various sizes and designs.
    In conclusion, salt-free water softeners are an effective, eco-friendly, and affordable solution to hard water problems, improving the quality of your water and your overall well-being.

    salt free water softener limescale inhibitor conditioner
    • Eco-Friendly

    • No Sodium Addition

    • Maintenance-Free

    • Prevents Limescale Buildup

    • Extends Appliance Lifespan

    • Includes Limescale Inhibitors

    • Water Conditioning

    • Affordability

    • Variety

    • Healthier Water

    well water treatment

    Custom Solutions

    Some properties rely on their own wells, bypassing municipal water connections. However, well water can harbor common contaminants such as microorganisms or bacteria like coliform and E. Coli; nitrates that naturally infiltrate water; heavy metals like copper, lead, cadmium, arsenic, and chromium; organic chemicals from pesticides, pharmaceuticals, paints, dyes, and disinfectants; iron that naturally seeps from the ground; sediment particles like sand and dirt; and sulfur, which can give off a rotten egg odour. Before we propose a well water filtration system, we conduct a mandatory water test to identify these contaminants. Our laboratory is equipped to perform chemical water analysis for up to 50 water parameters, enabling us to provide a solution that’s custom-made for your needs.

    • Chlorine Water Disinfection

    • UV Light Water Treatment

    • Iron Removal

    • Rotten Egg Sell Removal

    • Industrial Grade Reverse Osmosis

    • Chemical Water Analysis

    • Complex Well Water Treatment

    • Filtering Water from Agricultural Products

    • Rain Water Treatment

    • Eco and environmentally friendly

    Water Leak Detectors

    SMART leak detection system monitors your entire water delivery system for whole-house protection. These systems are usually installed in-line, in areas close to your mains. The SMART water guard automatically shuts off the water supply in even a minor escape of water or water leak. It has wireless water leak sensors, a backup battery and Wi-Fi.
    The water guard system will protect your property as well as your neighbors. It makes no difference whether a pipe leaks, a hose breaks, or your washing machine breaks down.
    The valves sensors are small, and wireless and are placed on the floor or in spots where they can make contact with leaking water. As soon as this happens, a sensor sends a signal to the valve and automatically shuts off the water supply. You can monitor valve status on your mobile device via Wi-Fi or SMS messaging.

    • Secure power supply solution on the market

    • Integrated backup battery

    • Super-low energy consumption

    • The best solution for your smart house

    • Automatic shuts off the water supply

    • Water leak protection system

    • Remotely controlled Wi-Fi, SMS or RC

    • Valve status info provided remotely

    • Suitable for seasonal apartments

    • Certified for drinking water

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