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About Us

Our company started in 2015 with the launch of the unique water filtration technologies in Spain. Since that, we have created over 1500 water treatment solutions in Spain together with our partners and suppliers. European testing laboratory confirmed the water filtration quality of unique materials we using in our filtration systems.

Aragon filtration systems are well-known on the Spanish market under the ecofilters ® name. During the restructuring of the initial company and an increasing number of goods and services, the Laboratorio Aqua Vitae SL was created as a legal, licensed and insured limited company. The ecofilters ® registered trademark was included as an official name of the water treatment stand-alone product line using the combination of Aragon-2, Aragon-3 and Aragon-32 materials.

We believe that every household deserves clean and fresh water. Our scientific approach allows us to combine the most up-to-date technologies on the market and to present the best ecological modern and most efficient solutions to fulfil 100% of our client’s expectations. Our goal is to deliver clean and safe water for generations – save money for our clients and help to create a more environmentally-friendly society.

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Laboratorio Aqua Vitae SL

Laboratorio Aqua Vitae SL is a legally registered Spanish limited company founded in 2020 by Dmitry Khoviv. The official CIF number is B0164179. The company have all necessary permissions and licenses for declared activities. Laboratorio Aqua Vitae SL installation fully insured by HISCOX Group in Spain.

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