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Whole House Filters Unleashed: Dive into the Pure Water Revolution with Pentair Powdered Systems

Transform your home’s water supply with our Pentair Powdered whole house water filter systems. Designed as a comprehensive solution, these systems effectively purify your water, eliminating harmful contaminants and ensuring your family’s health and safety. Whether you rely on city water or another source, our eco-friendly filtration systems are tailored to meet your needs.

We offer a range of systems including the 10″ SLIMLINE KIT, 20″ SLIMLINE KIT, 10″ BIG BLUE KIT, and 20″ BIG BLUE KIT. Each system is designed to last for a specific volume of water – 45,000, 170,000, 190,000, and 395,000 litres respectively.

Our systems are user-friendly and require minimal maintenance. They come equipped with a sediment pre-filter that effectively traps rust, silt, and other sediments in your water. The water then undergoes a unique filtration process, utilizing Fiberdyne FloPlus Technology for the 10″ SL size, CBC 0.5 microns Technology for the 20″ SL size, or Radial Flow Design GAC Technology for 10/20″ BB.

The choice of the whole house drinking water kit depends on your annual filtration capacity needs and desired maximum flow or peak consumption. Our Whole House Drinking Kits are versatile, making them an excellent choice for a variety of residential, food service, commercial, and semi-industrial applications.

Not only do our systems effectively reduce unwanted tastes and odors, but they also mechanically filter particles as small as 0.5 micron in size. They are 99.95% effective at reducing cysts such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia. All our filter kits boast premium high capacity and enhanced dirt-holding capabilities.

With a Pentair Powdered whole house system, you can enjoy fresh, clean water from every tap in your home. Experience the difference today!

Water treatment stations

Step into a world of clean, safe, and high-quality water with Aqua Vitae’s state-of-the-art water treatment stations. Designed to cater to a variety of needs, our systems employ cutting-edge filtration technologies like ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, and reverse osmosis to deliver water that’s free from contaminants.

Experience the difference with our robust and efficient systems that effortlessly remove impurities, sediments, viruses, bacteria, and other harmful substances from water. Whether for residential, commercial, or industrial use, our water treatment stations are the epitome of durability and ease of operation.

Iron and Manganese Filters are an essential component of any comprehensive water treatment system. These filters are specifically designed to remove high concentrations of iron and manganese that can often be found in water, particularly in rural areas or from private wells. Iron concentrations of 15-20 mg/l and more, and manganese concentrations of 0.05-2.00 mg/l and more can be effectively eliminated, resulting in clear, clean water that is safe for consumption and use. These filters not only improve the taste and odor of your water, but also prevent the staining of fixtures and laundry. With an Iron and Manganese Filter, you can rest assured that your water is free from these unwanted elements, providing you with peace of mind and water of the highest quality.

Whole House Reverse Osmosis filters are a comprehensive solution for ensuring clean, safe, and healthy water throughout your entire home. These systems work by forcing water under pressure through a semi-permeable membrane, effectively removing a wide range of contaminants including salts, lead, mercury, and other heavy metals, as well as bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms.

The result is pure, crystal clear water from every tap in your home. Not only does this improve the taste and odor of your water, but it also protects your appliances from scale build-up and corrosion, extending their lifespan.

Whole House Reverse Osmosis filters are also environmentally friendly, as they reduce the need for bottled water, thus minimizing plastic waste. With a Whole House Reverse Osmosis filter, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your water is of the highest quality, whether you’re drinking it, cooking with it, or bathing in it.

Choose from our diverse range of water treatment stations, including Matteo, Advanced Water Softeners, and Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Systems. Built to last and backed by our commitment to exceptional customer service, Aqua Vitae is your trusted partner in achieving water purity.

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Whole House Filters by Ecofilters®

Original Ecofilters whole house water filter systems are a whole-home solution designed to purify harmful contaminants from a water source in your chalet or apartment. If you use city water and have a limescale issue, we have a home water filtration system that will fulfil your needs. It’s an eco-friendly way to prepare drinking water with 10″SL Ecofilters Viking Kit whole house water filter systems for municipal water, designed to last 50.000 litres.

10″SL Ecofilters Viking Kit dramatically reduces (and in some cases entirely removes) impurities and hardness, including suspended particles, chlorine, heavy metals including lead, zinc and cadmium, pesticides and petroleum products, iron and aluminium, plus the taste and colour are improved. It comes with a sediment pre-filter that catches rust, silt, and other sediments present in your water. The water then goes through unique filtration material called Aragon: a complex 3D polymer structure mix of ion-exchange resins, activated carbon and a stone-like polymer filter, which ensures you get much healthier, better-tasting water, with the majority of hardness removed while keeping beneficial minerals in the water.