Whole House Revert Osmosis Treatment Station 240 LPH

Whole House Revert Osmosis Treatment Station 240 LPH


Top-tier Whole House Revert Osmosis Treatment Station, a titan in water purification! This system boasts a pure water flow of 250LPH, powered by an industrial RO Membrane Model: LP-4040-3000, designed to handle a maximum TDS of <3000ppm. The single membrane is securely housed in a robust 4040-SS304 THREAD (300psi) housing. The system is driven by a LEO model: EVP 2 — 9 220V, 1,5kW pump and operates at a voltage of 220V 1.5kW. It features a high/low pressure switch from Sunses and a ¾” solenoid valve.

The computer board is industrial-grade 220V, and it includes a 2G type flow meter with a 1/2” male thread. The system also offers pure water control and an ON SET float valve. For added convenience, it includes a storage 600L deposit and a second supplying pump. Optional features include a 40L dosing tank and an EDLP-10 dosing pump. The system comes with CE(EMC and LVD), RoHS certification. Experience the best in water purification!

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Immerse yourself in the pinnacle of water purification with our Whole House Revert Osmosis Treatment Station 240 LPH! This cutting-edge system provides an impressive 240 liters per hour of pristine, purified water, directly to your household. Engineered for comprehensive home use, it guarantees that every faucet in your home delivers nothing but the purest water. Bid farewell to contaminants and welcome a healthier, more vibrant home environment. It’s more than just a water treatment station, it’s a total enhancement to your lifestyle! With this system, you’ll enjoy the benefits of cleaner, tastier water, improved skin and hair health, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re protecting your family from harmful impurities. Experience the difference today!


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Weight 200 kg
Dimensions 120 × 100 × 160 cm


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