Salt Free Water Softener Kalyxx 3/4″ BlueLine

Salt Free Water Softener Kalyxx 3/4″ BlueLine

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Guard your home against scale and corrosion with our salt free water softener, the IPS KalyxX! This innovative device doesn’t require power supply, batteries, chemicals, or filters. It utilizes a patented Turbulent Galvanic Polarization (TGP®) electrode to disrupt limescale crystal formation on water heaters, showers, thermostatic cartridges, taps, and more. In comparative tests, IPS KalyxX outperformed leading electronic or magnetic scale devices by a factor of four. Plus, it’s a breeze to install and requires no maintenance. Upgrade your home’s water system with IPS KalyxX today!

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Embrace the future of water treatment with our pioneering salt-free water softener! This revolutionary device not only reduces limescale formation by a staggering 76%, but also combats Escheria Coli bacteria by up to 40%. Our patented TGP – Turbulent Galvanic Polarisation technology, devoid of chemicals or external energy, is a testament to our commitment to safety and environmental sustainability. Ideal for cold, potable water, our product is certified for uninterrupted, direct contact with drinking water. With a focus on health and safety, every component of our IPS is crafted from materials approved for contact with drinking water. Boasting verified hydraulic properties, a robust stainless steel body, and a 2-year warranty, our product is engineered to serve you for at least a decade, ensuring a continuous supply of clean, safe water.

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