SPA Shower FIlter

SPA Shower FIlter

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Chlorine, which can be found in water, causes skin irritation, itching and excessive exfoliation. It also increases onychorrhexis. Active carbon from our filters removes chlorine from water and neutralizes its harmful impact.

– reduce chlorine and other harmful substances which make skin dry and may cause allergies

– coconut shell activated carbon provides superior efficiency

– self-assembly

Available on backorder

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SPA Shower Filter filter is a high-quality shower filter, filled with active carbon derived from coconut shells. It can be fitted on a hose that supplies water to the showerhead. Its universal connection makes it compatible with most shower hoses. Installation is easy and does not have to be performed by an expert.

SPA Shower Filter can help your skin look young for a long time.

Service life 3000 L or 6 months.

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Dimensions 7 × 7 × 13 cm


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