Lotus Sensor Smart Water Softener

Lotus Sensor Smart Water Softener

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Lotus Sensor

Welcome to the future of water softening with our Smart Water Softener! This modern marvel guarantees soft, pure, and healthful water for your home or apartment. With its stylish design and robust construction, it’s not just a utility – it’s a lifestyle upgrade. This Smart Water Softener is conveniently installed on your main water supply pipe and comes equipped with an automatic, electronic time-volume control valve complete with a by-pass. The cherry on top? Maintenance is as simple as it gets, requiring only occasional salt refills. With our Smart Water Softener, you’re not just upgrading your water, you’re upgrading your life!

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Meet the Lotus Smart Water Softener, your ultimate solution for water softening. Equipped with a Salt Level Sensor, it keeps you updated about the salt levels in your device. If the salt concentration dips below the pre-set value, the sensor alerts you with a flashing icon and an audible noise.

But that’s not all! The Free Chlorine Generator significantly reduces the risk of bacteria development inside the device, effectively eliminating biofilm and microbial corrosion.

The Lotus Smart Water Softener is not just about functionality, it’s about style too. With a unique design and a modern, elegant look inspired by global trends, it’s a perfect addition to your home. The color LCD display, integrated with the slide-out panel, and the scratch-resistant, dirt-repellent glass cover add to its aesthetic appeal.

Harnessing modern technologies, it features the latest up-flow media regeneration technology, high capacity ion-exchange resin, and intelligent electronics with an advanced control panel. You can even adjust the output water hardness to your preference.

Safety and comfort are at the forefront with an automatic, electronic time-volume valve with by-pass, an intuitive graphic-text display, anti-flood protection, and the ability to maintain the controller settings memory in case of a power failure.

The Lotus Smart Water Softener is also a champion of cost-saving and ecology. It reduces water and salt consumption by more than 30%, has low power consumption, and offers low operating costs due to adjustable cycle times.

Choose from various operation modes, including a holiday mode that rinses the resin during a long period of no water intake. You also have the flexibility to choose the start time for regeneration. Experience the Lotus Smart Water Softener – where technology meets convenience.

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