Primo Water Softener – Reliable Choice

Primo Water Softener – Reliable Choice

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Introducing PRIMO – the contemporary water softener that ensures soft, pure, and wholesome water in your home or apartment. Not only does it boast a visually pleasing design and robust construction, but it is also conveniently installed on the main water supply pipe. PRIMO comes with an automatic, electronic time-volume control valve equipped with a bypass. The maintenance is straightforward and primarily involves refilling the salt. Experience the simplicity and efficiency of PRIMO, where aesthetics meet functionality.

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Experience the revolution in water softening with these benefits:

Say goodbye to water hardness with our automatic, electronic time-volume control valve equipped with by-pass. Encased in an aesthetically pleasing and durable housing, this maintenance-free device only requires you to refill the salt. With its Italian design and intuitive service, it’s a breeze to operate. The detailed instruction manual ensures you’re never left guessing. Easy to move with convenient handles, this device is built with high-quality materials to ensure long and fault-free operation. All this at an affordable price! Choose from available resin volumes of 12, 20, and 25 litres.

Evolio – a unique marvel in the market!


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12 L, 25 L, 30 L


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